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Introducing the first of the conservation charities joining us on Saturday...

The youth reps from BTO will be popping in during Saturday to offer kind support with bird identification and surveys.

The BTO is the British Trust for Ornithology ( and their mission is:

'to advance our understanding of ornithology and produce impartial science' by 'harnessing the skills and passion of birdwatchers' in order to 'change the narrative around biodiversity in villages, towns and cities'.

Their website is FULL of amazing content and guidance on birdlife in the UK, and there is a really fantastic YouTube series on identifying birds through their song. You can find them by searching for #birdsongbasics or see some below!

Please, please take the time to donate to any of the brilliant conservation charities supporting us this weekend, they are so deserving; the volunteers contribute huge amounts of hours to progress their work.

We will be donating any funds we receive over the 24 hours of our fantastic and inaugural BioArtBlitz!


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