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There are 4 Directors involved, who are principally investing their time, as well as funding the clean-up of the creek and the planting of the Forest Garden:

Andrew Marston   

I am a dedicated sailor, environmentalist and community creator. My day job is managing the Jubilee Wharf and Warehouse projects in Penryn but helping Sailors Creek become gently enjoyable has become a quiet purpose for me.

Anna Butler

A sailor from childhood and a lover of blue ocean voyaging.  Thrives on progressive, dynamic, fun work environments and driving projects forward.  Anna has tonnes of experience within teams, her role within them always fundamentally the same – a culture change supporter.  Deeply passionate about restorative and anti-oppressive education, health & social care.  And supporting communities in de-stressing from modern life in order to fulfill their true potential; she is also an advocate for health and well-being without borders.  

Mark Cann  

Master welder, Project Manager, Designer/builder. Projects include: ‘Arro’ 38’ steel yacht, ‘Cadmus’ 50’ Glastonbury Festival playship, ‘Brain of Brian’ 80’ office barge, ‘Obarvagh’ Multi-cat workboat, restoration ‘Donna Capel’. Design and build Mistery 1 and Mistery 2 - both exemplar liveaboard houseboats. 3 years offshore rig welder, 3 years TA soldier, 30 years rock climber, yacht master.


Lorraine Cann 

Charter skipper in Caribbean for 8 years, 20,000+ sea miles, yachtmaster/oceanmaster. Full restoration 1920s Looe Lugger from wreck to sailing a London Science Museum exhibit. Survived single parenthood. Project managed the Wrenched Maid (steel motor yacht). Shipwright in rebuild of Donna Capel. Financial control of ‘Cadmus’ project at Glastonbury Festival. Design & build residential houseboats ‘Little Miss’ & ‘Mistery 2'. Still recognised all over as local rock star.

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