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Our lease allows us to have 26 moorings which are traditional Cornish drying mud berths.

If your boat has a keel you will need legs.

If your boat is a flat bottomed barge you won’t!


At present we don’t have access to all of the beach and we are awaiting essential tree works in order to make the beach safe, but we do have a waiting list for moorings.


From April 2022 all boatowners on the mooring waiting list will have to become a Sailors Creek Member.


Click here if you want to join our mooring list.


And click here to become a Member!

Sailing boats in transit or needing short term winter layup to shelter from storms will be made a priority.

  • Annual mooring rate and policy 1ST APRIL 2023 TO 31ST MARCH 2024

Up to 30’    £407

31’ to 40’    £508

41’ to 50’    £621

51’ to 60’    £734

60’ plus      £POA

Commercial Vessels £POA

Liveaboard charges may be payable

Mooring agreements must be signed.

All vessels must be insured.

Strictly no mooring up without prior arrangement.

All tenants will be supported to achieve zero discharge into the creek.

All vessels must be in transit for one month per year 1st April to 31st March.

Full conditions of mooring agreement available HERE.

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