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Below are some useful guides to various Permaculture practices and other case studies.

Please feel free to download and share them. If you have any other useful links or info please let us know and we can it to the page for other to learn and share.


Introduction to Permaculture
Integrated Farming
Companion Planting Chart
Agrofrestry Long Term Lease Guide
Loess Plateau - from degradation to regeneration
Paul Stamets - Mycorestoration
Integrated Farming 2014
Sewage from boats


Sailors Creek Planting and Woodland Management 2022
Sailors Creek Shading Calculations and Historical Data 2021
Sailors Creek CIC Mooring Agreement 2023/24
Sailors Creek CIC BioBlitz Species List May 2022
Sailors Creek CIC Regulation 28 Report Notice July 2022
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