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Update 26th Nov, 2021


● A generator box has been built for Bonnie Lass so that we can securely store a welding generator on site, this will be essential for laying moorings.

● Tidal height withies are being prepared so the pontoons can be reduced in size and adapted for work laying mooring chain.

● Preparations are being made for marking the Earl Cairns wreckage with withies to ensure safe navigation of the creek.

● Happily the beautiful and historic Keewaydin has a very experienced and enthusiastic new owner. She was built in Rye in 1913 and is one of the few remaining Lowestoft Drifters of her age and is part of the National Historic Fleet. The hull will be made watertight in the spring and following that it is hoped to move her to a yard for restoration.


● Clearing and preparing for tree planting continues in Longfield, many thanks to all the volunteers for your energy and great cheer last Saturday! Blackthorn in the top field is being cleared for our 2.5m wide foraging hedges; we are planting the fruit and nut trees this winter, and we’ll be interplanting those with fruit bushes and herbaceous plants in the spring. We are really looking forward to these maturing!

● We have a borehole! In order to secure water for our young plants into the future we have established an independent water source, we still have to arrange our water pump and solar power source for this.

● The pigs escaped last Sunday and we found them with the help of some very helpful SCCIC members who were visiting and a couple who were on the footpath. The three girls were down on the creek in the mud below the big Oaks gorging on acorns looking very happy.

● We then managed to move the pigs and their arc without them escaping this time!

● We also identified a stunning Clouded Agaric fairy ring and mycelium mat under a large area of Gorse. We will be leaving some areas of established Gorse in the Longfield; we also identified a lovely patch of violet Wood Blewitts.



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