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Update 22 October 2021


● Creekside clear up halted by boat blockade

● Mooring agreements agreed and signed for Spud Barge and Koyasa


● Compost toilet and ‘Humanure’(Jenkins 1996) hot compost system are nearly finished

● Blackthorn reduction continues. JT kindly assisted with PTO chipper, and chippings will be spawned for mushroom beds

● 3 Tamworth pigs introduced and settled for ground and root clearance, and doing a very nice job

● Secure mobile shed in construction for grass seed, green manure seed, pig feed and straw

Works planned for week beginning 25 October 2021


● Assist D in clearing his rubbish, as requested

● Clear concrete pontoon

● Mussel farm pontoons to be tidied up and secured


● Measure out for orchard and legacy nut tree planting in Longfield

● Continue with blackthorn reduction in Creekside

● Move pigpen for next section root clearing

● Sow grass seed over cleared ground

Jenkins J. (1996) ‘The Humanure Handbook’, Jenkins Publishing


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