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Update 1st nov, 2021

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Creek: ● Our workboat Bonnie Lass has arrived ● Fine litter pick continues on the beach near the Sailors Creek board ● Concrete pontoon ready for clearance work ● Third winter layup mooring agreed Pigs doing a great job clearing brambles!

Field: ● Pig arc and enclosure moved ● Mobile storage shed built ● We have a technique for removing blackthorn root! ● Mapping out and clearing paths through brash in Longfield in anticipation of December tree planting

Works planned for week beginning 1 November 2021:


● Tidy up continues

● Mussel farm pontoons to be tidied up and secured


● Wildflower, winter grass and green manure seed spreading begins

● Measure out for orchard and legacy nut tree planting in Longfield

● Continue with blackthorn reduction in Creekside


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