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Autumn news!

The days are drawing in,

woolly jumpers are coming out,

and there's always plenty to do at the Creek..

This month:



We have had so much brilliant help this summer, we really appreciate your time and enthusiasm. Last month we had a push on the mammoth creek clear up which was fantastic - Mark and Loz now have the dumper fully serviced and running like a dream, after quite a few sleepless nights and long days - they have done an extraordinary amount of work to get it going so huge thanks to them, and Pete! We can now clear more of the beach, more efficiently, which is a big bonus - double handling all the waste can be frustrating! We had a lovely LandCare week and as a result the fire pit area is now in commission! Thanks to James and Adam for putting in a day of hard graft setting it out and for designing a beautiful and efficient system for levelling the ground. We had an excellent first fire, of many! Please come to our next one on the Full Moon in October, if the weather allows ...


Here's what is planned for Autumn at the Creek so far - there may well be more to add including: Green Wood Working and super early morning meditations under our spanking new canvas shelter, thanks to Source FM for selling us their Caribou... (photos below!)


Big Beach Clean Up (with shiny new dumper!)

this Saturday 1st October 11-4pm


We've been harvesting acorns from the shoreline at Sailors Creek so we can sow them and grow them on for future planting. Sowing tree seeds into square containers helps to support the young root system and avoid the detrimental effects of pot bound roots on a growing planted out tree. So at home we collect our tetra-pac containers and have used them for our first acorn sowing. Tetra-pac products are a pain to recycle but we recommend everyone starts collecting them and gathering tree seeds for growing on your own trees at home!


The creek and fields are now starting to show signs of autumn. Mushrooms popping up everywhere - chicken of the woods in the old oak, wood mushrooms up in the buddleia forest - no signs of the blewetts and jelly ears yet but we've had all sorts growing throughout the seasons to hunt for if you're keen on seeking out fungi.

We have now been granted planning permission by the parish council to do some work on the shoreline trees, with the advice of tree officers and arborists, which amounts to some pruning and light crown reduction. We are in the process of applying for permission to remove one medium undercut Oak which we have taken professional advice regarding.

If you walk along the shore from Little Falmouth to Sailors Creek you will notice more seaweed and rubbish being washed up with this windier weather. We have a dumpy bag at Sailors Creek by the notice board - you can put any litter picking in that - thank you!

We have been damming the stream this summer and already we are seeing areas of standing water establish. If you are feeling adventurous take a walk up through the stream and see how they are getting on, and add to the dams if you like! Moss and leaf mulch really help plug the holes and you may wish to add more structure to the 3 we have underway. Start your own if you like!


We are on Instagram! @sailorscreekcic_penrynriver

We don't really monitor the account because we're all social media unsavvy but it does help direct traffic to our website. Please feel free to follow us and share photos with us. #sailorscreekcic


Any of you who joined us this time last year and paid by cash or BACS we thank you for being our first bold members! We would love to have you along for many more years. Your membership helps us pay for our running costs which include insurance for the creek and the fields. And as members you will have the opportunity to take on a mooring as they become available and have a voice in shaping Sailors Creek CIC for many years to come.

Please get in touch if you would like some help signing up online at:


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