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We couldn't have had it better!

We are all just about physically recovered, we really hope you are all too - it was an entertaining, sweaty, muddy, hot and gratifying few days!

Spirits are high after a combined and phenomenal effort for Sailors Creek WorkWeek (now known as PlayWeek).

Together we shifted a HUGE amount of waste from Sailors Creek including:

  • 2 trailer loads of metal

  • 2 skips of general waste (mainly broken up and maddening polystyrene/concrete pontoons..)

  • 2 car loads of rotten old composite wood


The Sailors Creek CIC Team xx

The beach starting to look a great deal clearer, August 2022.

The same stretch of shoreline 14 months ago, photos taken Spring 2021.

What else was achieved during our volunteer WorkWeek?

Woodchip collection (thanks to Jan) for tree mulching, more mulching resource collected - coffee chaff and hessian sacks (thanks to Hannah at Olafactory), weeding and watering, clearing around and establishing water butts (3 IBCs), pumping through borehole water, emptying mushroom barge of wood piles - sorting into useful, burnable and rotten piles, creating sheltered and shaded seating areas using hefty eucalyptus from the mussel frames, retying mooring ropes to secured lengths of mooring chain - and then balancing the mooring ropes so they are taking the strain evenly, clearing the shoreline in order to establish and secure further mooring pins for mooring chain, careful removal of broken concrete and polystyrene pontoons - and hoovering the beach up afterwards with a wet and dry hoover to pick up escapee polystyrene balls, removal of large sections of very rusty metal doghouse for scrap, dam building in the stream to create areas of standing water, shed clear out and reorganise, fine litter pick, massive litter pick, food sharing, great laughs and good times. Thanks again to everyone - what a pleasure working with you!

What's next?
  • Provisional dates for the Land based WorkWeek 6th - 10th September 2022 TBC!

  • Provisional date for Annual Members' Full Moon Party at the creek 10th September 2022 TBC

  • Moorings will start to become available in the weeks and months ahead - please join as a member and email us if you would like to moor up at Sailors Creek.


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