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Basket Half-made or basket half unmade?

Signs of spring, waiting in the wings, are everywhere at Sailors Creek right now: I cannot help but wonder if the buds of blossom are not just a little premature? Let's hope not - I am a basket-half-made type of person!

Speaking of which - this is made from black willow that we have been growing at the creek, in a little trial plantation by the stream. This is the sort of thing the Tree Guardians get up to, when not mulching saplings: if you fancy joining in, the next meeting is Friday 1st March. You will find us in the field past the big oak - message for details.

The budding leaves pictured are on one of 9 dog rose cuttings that I took from Flushing Quay. The parent plant is vigorous and has the most wonderfully scented flowers. All the transplants have taken well and this year they should come into their own. If you are passing, have a look in the middle of the turning circle at the end of the track.


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