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Water, Jackets, Boots & Suncream!

What do i need to bring to Sailors Creek for our events this weekend?

The land and shoreline at Sailors Creek is only lightly managed by us and has very few facilities! There are all sorts of things to be aware of when exploring outside, which will be common knowledge to some and important new information to consider for others.

A few things to be aware of:

Seaweed can be very slippery especially on rocks and when the tide is low, and all the low rock formations on the shoreline should be traversed with care. It is not advisable to scramble around on the banks bordering the beach at Sailors Creek, or to climb any ladders you might see, they may belong to other people who keep their boats on the creek.

There are all sorts of amazing spiky scrub species that protect young trees from nibbling grazers like deer, and we have lots of scrub at Sailors Creek! Gorse, bramble, blackthorn in abundance. Try to wear clothes that won't catch - so sweatshirts and jeans are perfect, and good shoes rather than sandals. Woolly jumpers are a no no.

We have no drinking water or kitchen facilities at Sailors Creek so please bring all of your own supplies, plus binoculars, maybe a pen and notebook, a camera and a jacket in case it rains? We will have a basic First Aid Kit and a shelter available as a basecamp.

With a bit of luck the maps attached might help you navigate your way there and around - we really look forward to seeing you!


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