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In this issue:

* Changes to Sailors Creek Directors

* Acts of Restorative Kindness

* A load of rubbish

* Summer Workshops

* Get involved

* Support our work

There are some changes to the Directors - one out, three in …

Firstly Anna Butler, after serving Sailors Creek both as Administrator and Director through our inaugural early period, has had to take a step back. We thank her for her amazing work - instrumental in the shaping of the Forest Garden, a catalyst for the progress we have made in the Creek, a listening ear and calm voice when needed - and hope she will still be a regular volunteer and supporter. She is staying on as a Tree Guardian but when you’ve got more time, Anna, we’ll have you back as a director in a flash!

We have been recruiting this year, to spread the skill base of the directors, and are really pleased to announce that Peter, Amie, and Emma have all joined the team - some on a trial basis (their choice!). We think they have already all settled in well. With diverse expertise, and chosen work areas, from social media to inclusiveness invitations, we think we now have a great spread of skills - and we have kept the gender balance of the board!

Even more exciting is the fact that for the first time we were able to host our Directors meeting at the Creek on the platform which will become our new tea room. It just has a floor at the moment but, like Sailors Creek, it is growing from the ground up.

The Forest Garden is an A.R.K

An Act of Restorative Kindness - for those who have not come across her, Mary Reynolds is an Irish environmentalist whose movement ‘We Are the Ark’ has empowered people to restore and enhance natural habitats, providing biodiversity and hope all over the globe. She is one of the reasons we have retained so many areas of wildness in the Forest Garden and are trying to ring-fence invasive species and provide as many ‘ecotones’ (different habitat environments) as possible. We will be having a sign painting workshop on Saturday 14th October making signs to inform walkers of these intentional spaces (10am-1pm @23 Trefusis Road TR11 5TZ ///large.rank.drag). The more haphazard the lettering the better! Find out more about Mary Reynolds at

Forthcoming lectures

We know that we can’t underestimate the importance of getting out and about to promote our work to a wider audience. We are delighted that Mark and Loz will be holding the first of a Sailors Creek Lecture to the Members of Flushing Sailing Club on Tuesday 17th October starting at 8pm. If you have a ready audience that you feel it would benefit Sailors Creek to talk to then do get in touch at

A load of rubbish?

Because the clean up operation has been steadily progressing it is sometimes difficult to reflect on the scale of the waste that has been removed from the creek. So far it has reached an amazing total of 32 tonnes! It is incredible to think that this rubbish, that has accumulated over many years, is now out of the Creek. Alongside the thoughtful disposal of this rubbish the Directors have been looking for innovative ways to recycle some of the more useful debris from the site. This has ranged from sending boats off to become useful seating at the Glastonbury festival to innovative schemes for recycling discarded rope with Cornish Craft businesses and recycling some of the waste oil that has been removed from abandoned boats. If you know anyone who could benefit from our flotsam and jetsam then do let us know.

Making cordage from weeds – workshop with Naomi Hamman

We held a fascinating workshop with Naomi Hamman recently where the participants spent the morning learning about how to collect plants and harvest their fibres which they then wove into natural cordage. We learnt how to remove the outer fibres from plants such as nettle and brambles – taking care not to get pricked or stung! And then how to twist the fibres around themselves and each other to make incredibly strong cord. As you can see from this image the results from using just nettle are incredibly beautiful. We have a final workshop organised with Naomi on the 10th October when she will be demonstrating and teaching how to make a simple basket from bramble - SOLD OUT

Get involved (see diary dates ) for more information)

* Tree Guardian days - 6 October and 20 October 1pm at the Creek

* Sign painting Saturday 14 October 10am-1pm @23 Trefusis Road TR11 5TZ ///large.rank.drag

* Talk Flushing Sailing Club Tuesday 17 October, 8pm

Support our work

Thanks again to all our Members, Volunteers and supporters. Here’s the monthly reminder as to how you can get involved and support Sailors Creek:

* Volunteer or attend one of our activities and workshops

* Donate to our crowdfunder

* Please follow us and ‘like’ and ‘share’ our social media posts on instagram and facebook

* Tell your friends about our work



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