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BioArtBlitz! Saturday 28 May 2022

****Running order available Monday 23 May - see you there!!****

What is a BioBlitz?A BioBlitz is a celebration of biodiversity. It’s an event that focuses on finding and identifying as many species as possible in a specific area over a short period of time. Students, scientists, naturalists, and community members join together in these events to explore the natural world.” (NationalGeographicBioBlitzGuide.pdf)

It’s Flushing Art Week at the end of May and we will be hosting a 24 hour BioArtBlitz! at Sailors Creek incorporating the observation, recording, and identification of as many species across the creek and the land, in as many forms of media as possible. All our findings and responses will then be on display around the site for the rest of half term.

Activities might include:

Moth trap setting

Birdsong recording at dusk

Dawn Chorus walk

Moth release and identification

Birdsong interpretation and response


All day quadrant activities observing, responding, recording

Wildlife photography collaboration

Leaf litter sorting

Leaf collection animals

Budding Nature Walk by donation

Colourboxes trail and seagull assembling activity

Species identification with local experts

The Listening Passport

Bug Hotel and Solitary Bee House making…

With huge thanks to and support from representatives of: // // // GenerationWild // //


Email us for more info: or visit


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