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In this issue:

  • Upcoming workshops

  • Become a Tree Guardian

  • Help us to build a pedestrian gate

  • Ways to support Sailors Creek

Whilst we wait for summer to finally arrive, it’s been busy down at Sailors Creek. Here’s a flavour of what we have been up to and what’s still to come:

WORKSHOPS: Meeting Weeds and Waste

Friday 18 August: Natural cordage

Tuesday 10 October: Making simple bramble baskets

We held our first ‘Meeting Weeds and Waste’ workshop in July with the wonderful local artist Naomi Hannam. She taught us techniques for dyeing, the best plants to use and how to match dyes and fabrics. It was an incredible day and an enjoyable learning experience. Naomi is great at encouraging you to be curious and experiment with nature.

The next workshop is on Friday 18th August when Naomi will teach how to make natural cordage from nettle, bramble and more and then how to use this to make soft baskets. Tickets start at £11.55 and can be booked via eventbrite.

The final workshop of the series is on Tuesday 10 October where Naomi will teach us to weave simple bramble baskets; we will learn how to de-thorn this strong plant and find a creative use by weaving baskets for the beautiful bramble plant. Tickets also start at £11.55 and can also be booked via eventbrite.


Next Tree Guardian Day Friday 18 August – 1pm - 4pm

Have you ever thought about becoming a tree guardian at Sailors Creek?

Our Tree Guardians take on the care of one tree … or more, depending on what you can manage. This involves clearing around the tree, mulching the tree regularly and keeping an eye on it in dry weather or protecting it with brash from deer. Tree Guardians can also learn about building food forest guilds around their tree(s). This is where a layered planting system is created using fruit bushes, herbaceous perennials, root vegetables, nitrogen fixing plants and climbing plants. Our Tree Guardians will then help our forest garden become sustainable by passing on these skills to others

We are truly grateful to all our volunteer Tree Guardians who help with this vital aspect of our land care. We have another of our regular Tree Guardian days coming up on Friday 18 August – if you are interested in volunteering to support our newly planted trees and help them to thrive, please just turn up on the day – anytime from 1pm. Huge apologies to those who turned up early on the previous Tree Guardian day as due to a mistake the wrong time was put on the information.


Saturday 19 August – 10am

As part of the work to regenerate Sailors Creek we are planning to put a new pedestrian gate in our lower field and it would be great to have some help with the project. The aim is to clear the area to make room for the pedestrian entrance, dig a hole for the post and use a post thumper to put the post in for the gate.

Volunteers should wear sturdy footwear and appropriate clothing that you don’t mind getting a bit grubby and bring gardening gloves if you have any. Also bring a bite to eat for lunch too!

We will meet at the bottom gate at 10am.


We try to take every opportunity to thank our members, supporters and volunteers for all you do to help progress the project at Sailors Creek and our shared goal to regenerate and enhance the boating community and biodiversity of the adjacent fields.

Thank you all for your continued support but also here is a reminder that there are many ways you can help our work – just click on the links below to find out more:

Thank you!



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